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3D MakerFest - Alex Mazhari - Future of Flight

Alex Mazhari



NASA’s SpaceShop Manager

Start off your MakerFest 2016 experience with a virtual meeting with NASA’s Alex Mazhari, manager of the Ames Research Center SpaceShop, NASA’s own Makerspace. 

With a background in aerospace engineering and additive manufacturing, Mr. Mazhari has a comprehensive knowledge of how 3D printing and other technologies have affected aeronautics and space exploration. Learn about Mr. Mazhari’s extraordinary work, including various CubeSats (SporeSat, M-POD, EDDN, and M-PACE), his work with SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), as well as several projects bound for the International Space Station, such as research with animal habitats, NASA’s FrankenEye UAV, and the Orion Spacecraft. 

Mr. Mazhari will be speaking to special guests and Institute of Flight members on Friday, June 17 at 2:00 p.m. for approximately 1 hour. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about additive manufacturing at NASA and how it’s shaping the future of space and aviation science. Get tickets today for 3D MakerFest!

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