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Professional Development for STEM Teachers

For Educators


Work with a cadre of teacher leaders to improve content knowledge and teaching strategies, and earn a “Decide Now” discount on registration for your class when you sign them up for one of our education programs. Workshops are also offered to try programs in advance, including Gliding Into Innovation, the Boeing Career Tour, Xenoplanes, and Aerospace Maker Project.

The Institute of Flight is an OSPI approved clock hour provider. If you are interested in receiving information about upcoming workshops for educators, please subscribe to the Institute of Flight's Flight newsletter, or contact our Career Technical Education Program Administrator, Amanda Goertz, directly at 425-438-8100 x245 or email

If you are interested in proposing a professional development workshop, for consideration by our Teacher Advisory Board (TAB), please complete our Professional Development Proposal Form. Proposals are reviewed quarterly by TAB; please submit proposals no later than December 31, March 31, and August 30, via fax at 425-265-9808 or via email to Amanda Goertz,  at


The Institute of Flight's Teacher Advisory Board (TAB) is a user group of teachers, informal educators, youth group leaders, and industry representatives who use the Institute of Flight’s Education programs. TAB meets to discuss grade-level appropriateness, alignment, relevance, and how to improve  pre- and post-curricula as well as the day-of learning experience. TAB provides first hand experience, evaluation, and recommendations for curriculum alignment, and proposals. TAB is the approving OSPI review committee for professional development workshops with the Institute of Flight. In addition, suggestions are welcomed for other programs and events as well as possible grants to submit or collaborate together on. TAB meets one Saturday a quarter, from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Future of Flight Aviation Center. TAB members receive program discounts when they register their class. 

Consider joining or recommending TAB members. Currently, we are seeking two educators and one administrator per school district. Snohomish School District, Shoreline School District, Seattle School District, and Everett Public Schools are being represented, and we look forward to including more members from Snohomish, King, and Island counties.  If you are interested in becoming a TAB member, please contact Amanda Goertz at 425-438-8100 x245 or email