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Membership FAQs


How do I purchase a membership?
1. Online at
2. In person at the Future of Flight ticket counter 
3. Call the Membership Coordinator at 425-438-8100 x247.

If you purchase a membership online and would like to visit the Future of Flight Gallery or use your Boeing Tour ticket(s) before your membership cards are issued, please contact the Membership Coordinator at or 425-438-8100 x247.

Does my Future of Flight Foundation membership remain valid with Institute of Flight memberships?
Yes, your Future of Flight Foundation membership remains valid. You are automatically considered an Institute of Flight member. You may use your Future of Flight membership card to access the Gallery and receive all of the membership benefits listed at

What benefits do I receive with my Institute of Flight membership?
Please see the benefits listed at Please note that for $25 you can upgrade an adult, educator or student membership to a family membership. That means membership benefits extend to a second adult and two children/grandchildren.

Are there any available discounts on membership?
Seniors (65 and older) and active-duty military receive a $5 discount.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, the Institute of Flight provides financial assistance for individuals 6 and up. The person in need should fill out the Financial Assistance form  available here.

Can financial assistance be applied to other Institute of Flight programs?

Yes, financial assistance is also available to students seeking to participate in our various  education programs. Parents must complete the Financial Assistance form available here.

How many membership cards will I receive?
All membership levels except Family receive one membership card and one Boeing Tour ticket valid for one year of membership. Family memberships are valid for one year and are eligible for two membership cards and two Boeing Tour tickets: one with the primary member’s name and the second personalized with another person’s name. Membership cards are non-transferable.

When will I receive my membership card(s)?
After signing up for membership, you’ll receive your cards by mail in approximately one week. Processing may take longer during busy seasons. Please feel free to contact the Membership Coordinator at 425-438-8100 x247 or to check your status.

How can I get a replacement membership card(s)?
If you have a current membership and have lost your card, replacements may be obtained by contacting the Membership Coordinator at or 425-438-8100 x247. You may receive a maximum of one card replacement set for your membership.

Where can I learn about Institute of Flight education programs and program discounts for members?
Please see the Education Planning Guide at or contact the Education Department at 425-438-8100 x231.

How does the Boeing Tour ticket work?
The back of the ticket(s) needs to be filled out by the visitor and given to the ticketing desk agent in order to be redeemed for free admission. Please note that there is an expiration noted on each Boeing Tour ticket. Expired tickets may not be redeemed or reissued. Boeing Tour tickets may only be used October 1 to December 19, and January 3 to March 31.

When can I use my Boeing Tour ticket?
The Boeing Tour Ticket is valid October 1 to December 19, and January 3 to March 31. Boeing Tour tickets may only be used during this time period.

Will lost/stolen one-time use Boeing Tour tickets be replaced?
We are unable to replace Boeing Tour tickets. Please keep your tickets in a safe place.

May I take the Boeing Tour an unlimited number of times with an Institute of Flight membership?
No. With your membership you receive one Boeing Tour ticket or two Boeing Tour tickets if you have a Family membership.

Why do I have to show a photo I.D. when I use my membership card to enter the Future of Flight Aviation Center?
As a security measure and to prevent the use of lost or stolen membership cards, members must present photo I.D. upon entering the facility.

If I forget to bring my membership card, may I still visit the Future of Flight Gallery for free or receive event admission discounts?
Yes, just present your photo I.D. at the ticketing desk or event registration desk so workers can verify your membership in our database.

If I already purchased a Boeing Tour admission today, may I apply that toward an Institute of Flight membership?
Yes. For all membership levels except Family memberships, we can apply one full-price adult ticket toward membership dues and we will deduct one Boeing Tour ticket from your membership. For Family memberships, we can apply two full-price adult tickets toward membership dues and we will deduct the two Boeing Tour tickets from your membership. 

Please attach your admission receipt to your membership application, or send a copy/photo of the receipt to or to the following address along with your membership application:

Institute of Flight
8415 Paine Field Blvd. 
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Please note: This offer is valid for 30 days after day of visit.

May I use my Institute of Flight membership at other museums?
Not at this time.

I am a Boeing employee or retiree. Do I receive a special discount on my membership?
No. Memberships are currently priced below market level.

I am a Boeing employee. May I pay for my membership through my paycheck?
Not at this time.

Is my membership tax-deductible?
The Institute of Flight is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All paid portions of your membership and upgrades are tax-deductible. Please see our membership levels at

Does the Institute of Flight donate memberships for fundraisers?
Yes, we donate memberships for fundraisers. Please email or call 425-438-8100 for more information.

What is the refund policy for a membership?
We will provide a partial refund for purchased memberships if a request is received within 5 days of purchase. The purchaser must return the card and Boeing tickets, and not have used any of the membership benefits. Refunds will consist of the full purchase minus any fees for processing the refund.

Thank you for supporting the Institute of Flight!
Please contact the Membership Coordinator at 425-438-8100 x247 or if you have any further questions regarding Institute of Flight membership.