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The New Triumph

August 26, 2016 at Future of Flight Aviation Center, Strato Deck
Food Truck: Great State Burger

Live Music by The New Triumph

The New Triumph is a local group that performs at some of Seattle’s well-known establishments. Their music ranges from jazz to funk with an Afro and Latin influence. The band consists of Arie Pytel on guitar, Adam Kessler on drums, Camilo Estrada on bass, Ahkeenu Musa/Ivan Galvez on percussion, Mack Grout/Marc Hager on keys, & Scott Morning/Robert Beasley on trumpet. More...

Band's Webpage:

Book Signing with Timothy A. Nelson
Book:  Jet City Rewind, Aviation History of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest 
Author: Timothy A. Nelson

book cover

From the dawn of human flight to today, Seattle has hosted flying history from dirigibles and fabric biplanes to jumbo jets, from epic pioneering flights to innovative companies making world travel routine. This book recaptures that historical awe and connects it with a sense of place. More...

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