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Aviation Geek Fest 2017 Wrap-up

The Imagination Takes Flight on Aviation Geek Fest Tours.

Beginning with a spectacular Qatar Airways 777 flyby viewed from the Strato Deck at dusk and ending on a high note with lunch aboard a vintage American Airlines 727 at Boeing Field, the seventh-annual Aviation Geek Fest was a superlative show.

In addition to our seven-year tradition of VIP tours with The Boeing Company, for the first time a host of local aviation manufacturers opened their doors for our AvGeeks to an inside peek of their operations. Esterline, Electroimpact, Advanced Technical Services and Aviation Technical Services invited our participants for a close-up view of their cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. Our AvGeeks gave each of the aerospace partners high marks for unique tours that were as exciting as they were rare.

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"This was an unprecedented show for our guests at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour," Marketing & Tourism Director Terry LaBrue said. "In designing a robust three-day experience, the Institute of Flight drew upon its strengths of education, community relations and 12 years at Paine Field. Special thanks to The Boeing Company for the VIP tours, the Museum of Flight for hosting Sunday, AirlineReporter for being our media sponsor and giveaway guru, and Red Cork Bistro and Chef Dane Catering for the delicious food. Our partners really came through with outstanding opportunities that the AvGeeks enjoyed immensely."

One AvGeek from California brought his entire family of five to Mukilteo for a thrilling experience. He said that Aviation Geek Fest is now well known for its inside views and tours that are truly unique.

On Saturday morning, veteran AvGeek Isaac Alexander co-hosted the AvGeek breakfast. “The day was exciting and full of interesting tidbits of aviation trivia. Everything was wonderful but I wish I could have taken my camera along to document the festivities. I do understand the big need for safety and security.”

Brie Feinberg, IF Director of Education, corralled the Geek Fest attendees into several tour tracks that explored various technical concepts surrounding Drones, Robotics, 3D Printing and Folded Flight. “It’s always charming to see our young to middle-aged visitors delve deeply into our education programs."

Revealing basic flight principles on the Folded Flight program was a delight for everyone. Drones capture the imagination and 3D Printing and Robotics offer new technologies that feed the imagination.

Saturday’s evening social and banquet dinner was another delight as authors and photographers Cliff and Nancy Hollenbeck brought the gathering to laughter with their hilarious and insightful tales of airline operations. Nancy retold her air-jacking experience on her first day on the job as a flight attendant for Wein Air Alaska. Cliff, a former Navy Seal, revealed a panoply of his historic photographs with several aviation clients and employers.

“We were able to observe various age and background differences and how these guests from 10 different countries and five continents interacted with our education and tour opportunities,” Co-sponsor David Parker Brown of said. "It was wonderful to see the magic happen. I look forward to the next adventure with the Aviation Geek Fest program.”

Aviation Geek Fest lives because of the passion for the future of aerospace.

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