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Corporate Memberships

Corporate/Group Memberships

For greater benefits, consider having your company, travel/PTA group, or organization purchase memberships. Receive a 25% discount off regular membership prices if you purchase a Level 2 (12 to 23 memberships), and 40% discount for Level 3 (24 or more memberships).

Membership Category Level 1
per Membership
Level 2 
per Membership
Level 3 
per Membership
Special Boeing Tour Ticket Rate
Student (including college. If under 18 years old, must provide contact information for parents.) $25.00 $18.75 $15 $10 per ticket*
Educator (certified teacher or with a letter from the principal)    $30.00 $22.50 $18 $10 per ticket*
Adult $50.00 $37.50 $30 $10 per ticket*
Family (includes 2 adults in the same household, and up to 2 children or grandchildren) $75.00 $56.25 $45 $10 per ticket*

* Click here for any restrictions.

School Memberships

For certified Washington schools, purchase memberships for four or more teachers/administrators as your representatives for one year and receive discounts on Institute of Flight education programs. Requires a certified letter from the principal of the school.

  • Four teacher/administrator representatives: $100
  • Ten teacher/administrator representatives: $250
  • For pricing with 12 or more teacher/administrator representatives, please see the corporate/group memberships chart above (Educators - Level 2 and 3).


If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a corporate membership, please email the Membership Coordinator or call 425-438-8100 x247.