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Boeing Brazil student education program

Education Tourism History

Education Tourism

While the term “education tourism” did not formally enter its education program description until 2014, the Foundation has for many years participated in international study projects. It has facilitated, organized, and conducted programs including student exchanges between Everett Community College and the Royal Air Force Museum’s Michael Beetham Conservation Centre in Cosford, U.K., and an exploration of aviation biofuel technologies by aerospace engineering students from Brazil.

The Foundation’s new 2014-2015 Education Planning Guide features an Education Tourism program that designs custom experiences for groups from the United States and around the world. The guide gives four examples of topics: robotics, drones, alternative fuels, and materials sciences/3-D printing – all aligned to STEAM skills and career elements. In March 2015 students from the Melbourne Girls Grammar school in Australia visited the Future of Flight after taking the Boeing Tour. They worked in the Makerspace area, reengineered balsa wood gliders, heard a dynamic presentation by Captain Christine Walsh, test pilot of The Boeing Company’s sixth 787 Dreamliner, and participated in a goal-setting exercise. Other student groups have come to study at the Future of Flight from across the country and from abroad.