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Goodwill Youth Aerospace Program - Institute of Flight

Goodwill Youth Aerospace Program

Summer Nights on the Strato Deck provided more than an opportunity for us to enjoy the breathtaking summer sunsets streaming over the flightline and the Olympic Mountains, and to kick back with some great bands. What better way to spend a Friday night happy hour with great company than to inspire a passion for the future of aerospace.

Proceeds from Summer Nights supported the Institute of Flight and its education programs, including the Goodwill Youth Aerospace Program (GYAP).

GYAP, developed in collaboration between the Institute of Flight and Goodwill Industries International, Inc., allows about 20 students to spend a week within the Institute’s Makerspace working on group projects, learning technical skills through 3D printing and modeling, and exercising valuable career skills through design, research, and feasibility studies.

The 2016 summer provided eye-opening experiences for the students.

“The most memorable part of the GYAP camp was the use of SketchUp in creating ideas for the projects that we would later 3D print,” said GYAP student Demetrius Dykstra. “This was the most memorable because it allowed for our imaginations to not be limited as well as letting us see a small glimpse of what some of our future jobs could look like.”

“My reason for taking this direction is not only because I want to learn how to make airplanes, but all sorts of other things, like car parts, helicopters, skateboards, etc.,” said Asia Benik, another GYAP student.

In support of our mission, our priority is to share our education program experiences with more students. In the 2014-2015 school year, nearly 10,000 students participated in our Institute of Flight education programs.

We hope you will continue to support the Institute of Flight and join us for Summer Nights in 2017. The excitement kicks off on July 7, 2017.

Photo Credit: Monique Edwards