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Future of Flight Foundation Staff 2012

Staff History


Throughout its history the Future of Flight Foundation has benefited from a dedicated, diverse, and creative crew. It started with a handful of volunteers, then a small paid staff. After the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour opened and the Foundation took over the operator role, its staff necessarily grew, and volunteers took on several roles in the facility. Educators joined the crew as the Foundation’s school programs took off. International interns enriched the visitor experience. Today, the staff works with vendors and contractors who handle portions of the operation and provide needed services to the Foundation. As the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour continues providing rich educational experiences, its paid and volunteer human resources remain the key to success. Brief biographies of current staff members are at

In 2006 the Foundation’s new role as the operator of the Future of Flight facility required a significant expansion of its paid staff. The organization had to perform many roles, including the following:

  • Property manager responsible for making sure that the building is well-run and maintained.
  • International advertising agency marketing the Boeing Tour and the Aviation Center to individual travelers and to tour operators worldwide.
  • Curator and science center operator caring for and continually updating a large collection of exhibits and presenting a range of displays and entertaining hands-on activities that teach visitors about aviation-related scientific and technological innovations.
  • Conference and events center manager providing space rental, catering, and other services for occasions ranging from parties to weddings to business meetings to ceremonial aircraft deliveries – and much more.

And to support all these functions, it now had to run a comprehensive back office operation and acquire a broad range of products and services from vendors, contractors, and other professionals.

In addition to its facility operator duties, the Foundation was determined to become an educational institution, providing an increasing selection of on-site and classroom programs and events to local and international participants.

In 2006 Executive Director Smith had two department heads reporting to him: the Operations Director, Bob Cooper, and the Marketing Director, Sandy Ward. The Operations staff (which was largely part-time) handled finance, personnel, general office matters, Gallery exhibits, maintenance and custodial services. Donna Beaudry had begun working in December 2005 as a Visitor Services Representative (she is now Visitor Services Lead). Ann Averill was included in this department as Office Manager, with Toni Olson as Administrative Assistant, and Melody Meyers had joined the group as Personnel & Financial Assistant. The Marketing department (also largely part-time) handled group sales and events and visitor services. That group now included Mailene Ogalino-Cline as Group Sales & Events Manager and Miranda Prescott as Visitor Services Manager. Ed Kaplanian joined the staff in November 2006, as Special Project Manager. This staff structure remained in 2007, although the number of part-time employees was less. In May 2007, Ulla Johnson was hired as the Executive Director’s assistant.

In 2008 the staff was reorganized into four departments. The many Operations Director’s responsibilities were divided between a Chief Financial Officer (Bob Cooper) and a Facility Director hired in October 2007, Peter Bro. Mr. Bro had been the Museum of Flight’s ex officio representative to the Foundation’s board of directors. He is a licensed pilot with extensive museum management experience, including serving as Director of Facilities and then as Acting Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer of the Museum of Flight. A new Exhibit/Education group was created.

2008 Executive Director (Barry Smith) Executive Assistant (Ulla Johnson)
Exhibit/Education Program Manager (Miranda Prescott)
  • Volunteers
Chief Financial Officer (Bob Cooper)
  • Finance and Personnel Manager (Melody Meyers)
Marketing Director (Sandy Ward)
  • Visitor Service Aides

Group Sales, Events Manager (Mailene Ogalino-Cline)

Admin. Asst

Facility Director (Peter Bro) Special Projects Manager (Ed Kaplanian) Lead Exhibit Technician (Jonathan Yockey)

Exhibit Technicians (part-time)


Custodians (part-time)

In 2008 Mary Brueggerman began working for the Foundation as a fundraising consultant. By 2009 she had formally become a member of the staff as Director of Development. Juan Chavez was hired in 2009 and is an exhibit, event, and facility technician. The 2009 staff organization consisted of the following:


Executive Director (Barry Smith) Executive Assistant (Ulla Johnson)
Exhibit/Education Program Manager (Miranda Prescott) Chief Financial Officer (Bob Cooper) Finance and Personnel Manager (Melody Meyers)
Marketing Director (Sandy Ward) oVisitor Service Aides

Group Sales, Events Manager (Mailene Ogalino-Cline)

Admin. Asst (Toni Olson)

Facility Director (Peter Bro)
Special Projects Manager (Ed Kaplanian)

Exhibit Technicians

Exhibit Technicians (part-time)


Director of Development (Mary Brueggerman)

March 2010 Amanda Goertz was hired as Education Director. She had become well acquainted with the Foundation’s education program as a middle school math and science teacher in the Mukilteo School District.

In 2013 Ms. Goertz hired Kyle Green as an Education Team member, and Luke Stewart joined the technician team. In 2013 the staff organization consisted of the following:

2013 Executive Director (Barry Smith) Foundation Administrator (Ulla Johnson)
Education Director (Amanda Goertz)
  • Educator (Kyle Bates-Green)
Chief Financial Officer (Bob Cooper) Finance Manager (Melody Meyers)
Marketing and Sales Director (Sandy Ward)
Group Sales, Events Manager (Christine Russell)

Admin. Asst (Toni Olson)

Facility Director (Peter Bro)
Technicians Custodians

Visitor Services Aides

Special  Projects Manager (Ed Kaplanian)

Events and AV Coordinator (Ashley Rolph)

Director of Development (Mary Brueggerman) Development Assistant (Kendall Shawhan)

Founding Executive Director Barry Smith retired at the end of 2013, and Bonnie Hilory succeeded him effective February 17, 2014. Ms. Hilory brought over thirty years of experience with various organizations, including 14 years with three YMCAs, which encompassed a capital campaign to help build the Northshore YMCA. She had served as the director of education for the Museum of Flight, where she developed the Aviation Learning Center. She had also been the vice president of development with the USS Missouri Memorial Association in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the interim executive director of the Northwest Association of Biomedical Research in Seattle, and Executive Director of a private foundation that she helped evolve into a public charity ( Ulla Johnson also retired from the Foundation, and Caroline Okello became Executive Administrator and Board Liaison.

In April 2014, the Foundation hired Carl “Gus” Posey as the Family Engagement Manager. In June the staff was reorganized and job descriptions were updated. The staff was reorganized into six departments. “Events” became a separate department under Associate Director Christine Russell (who had joined the staff in August 2011), with responsibility for all event space bookings. Ashley Rolph (who had been hired in 2012) became the Events & AV Coordinator, largely responsible for the logistics of space rentals. Sandy Ward’s department was renamed “Marketing and Sales,” and Ms. Ward is now leading an enterprise-wide marketing initiative, as well as promoting the Boeing Tour regionally and globally. Toni Olson was promoted to Communications Manager, taking on a larger role as editor of the monthly electronic newsletter and coordinating proofreading for all the organization’s publications. In November 2014 the Director of Development position was eliminated, with the Executive Director providing direct supervision of a Philanthropy work group that consisted of a Database & Development Coordinator (Kendall Shawhan), a Grants & Sponsorships Associate Manager (Anne Falk), and a Membership & Events Coordinator (Melvin Givens).

As 2015 began, the Foundation’s employees were organized into six departments.



Executive Director (Bonnie Hilory) Executive Administrator and Board Liaison (Caroline Okello)
Finance/HR Chief Financial Officer (Bob Cooper)
Finance & Budget Manager (Melody Meyers)
Operations & Exhibits Director (Peter Bro)
Exhibits & Gallery Manager (Ed Kaplanian)

Technician and Custodial (Juan Chavez)

Event Technician (Luke Stewart)

Front Desk Leads (Donna Beaudry, Stephen Wilkes)

Front desk team 

Events Events Director (Christine Russell) Events & AV Coordinator (Ashley Rolph) Marketing/PR/Communications Sales & Marketing Director (Sandy Ward) Communications Manager (Toni Olson)
Education Education Director (Amanda Goertz) Family Engagement Manager (Carl “Gus” Posey III)

Educator (Kyle Bates-Green)

Philanthropy Overseen by the Executive Director Database & Development Coordinator (Kendall Shawhan)

Grants & Sponsorships Assoc. Manager (Anne Falk)

Membership & Events Coordinator (Melvin D. Givens III)

Gita Pokhrel, who had been a volunteer since October 2014, was hired in March 2015 in a database support position. In the fall of 2015 Ed Kaplanian retired and Ms. Shawhan and Ms. Falk left the Foundation. Gus Posey took over Mr. Kaplanian’s assignment of overseeing the Gallery Guides. Caroline Okello was promoted to a new position, Visitor Services Associate Director. As the year drew to a close further staffing changes were in the works in order to optimize the Foundation’s ability to perform its many tasks.