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STEAM Camp 2017

DRONE ZONE TRAINING ACADEMY (Grades 3 - 5: August 14 - 18, Grades 6 - 8: August 21 - 25)

The Institute of Flight is excited to offer new ways for the public to interact with drones and other unmanned vehicles. This highly-engaging summer session includes practice flights, precision landings, and drone maintenance.

FUNDAMENTALS OF FLIGHT (Grades 3 - 5: July 3 - 7, Grades 6 - 8: July 10 - 14)

This session focuses on the science of flight and the reasons flying machines work the way they do. Participants will have a chance to try their own designs as they compete for fun, prizes, and the satisfaction that only good flying can bring.

INTO THE BLACK: THE WONDERS OF SPACE (Grades 3 - 5: July 17 - 21, Grades 6 - 8: July 24 - 28)

Campers will work in teams to solve problems, while learning about space and their own goals for exploration. Whether it’s building a unique rocket or charting an exoplanet, this program is a great way to remind young people to reach for the stars.

MATERIALS SCIENCE & 3D PRINTING (Grades 3 - 5: July 10 - 14, Grades 6 - 8: July 3 - 7)

As part of a larger discussion about material composition, strength, and application, participants can try their hand at building a digital 3D model and then turning it into a physical object. This program focuses on iterative design, additive manufacturing, and skills for the next century.

ORGANIC FLIGHT & BIOMIMICRY (Grades 3 - 5: July 31 - August 4, Grades 6 - 8: August 7 - 11)

From bats to moths, natural flight can show us a lot about how flying things work and how to make our own airborne inventions work better. This session will focus on both the evolution of natural flight and its influence on human invention and technology.

PROGRAMMING & GAME DESIGN (Grades 3 - 5: August 21 - 25, Grades 6 - 8: August 14 - 18)

Using Scratch and other programming tools, participants will have a chance to develop animations, games, and even simulations, all while exploring the fundamentals of machine language.

ROBOT OVERLORDS (Grades 3 - 5: August 7 - 11, Grades 6 - 8: July 31 - August 4)

This session will focus on basic engineering, as well as gears, simple circuits, and programming. For robot fans, this is a great opportunity to try some new designs, but it’s also a great way for new learners to start down this important path.

SPACE GEAR (Grades 3 - 5: July 24 - 28, Grades 6 - 8: July 17 - 21)

This program offers participants a chance to design their own spacesuit (including built-in electronics) and augment it with mission patches. Whether planning for Halloween or preparing for the next mission, this is a great program for creative campers.

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